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Marketing Communications professional with extensive experience in all aspects of the trade. From product advertising to issue advocacy, theoretical strategy to hands-on development. An entrepreneurial & creative self-starter, I’ve built a career on passion and purpose. I’ve worked in large corporate environments, small start-ups, in front of intense media attention and behind closed doors. I’ve told stories easy & hard, big & small. I’ve been on the winning team and the losing team, and gained insight from both. I can write the press release, write the web code, and right the wrong impression.


  • Expert understanding of modern media tools & practices
  • Strong press management and story development skills
  • Extensive experience as a public spokesperson
  • Crisis Communications: crafting appropriate responses in a volatile media and public environment.
  • Research and statistical analysis, including polling and focus groups
  • Strong understanding of social media marketing on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, etc.
  • Proficient with Social Media tools: HootSuite, Tweetdeck, Crowdfire, Buffer, etc.
  • Lobbying and Government/Community Relations expertise
  • Extensive personal relationships with local government and business leaders
  • Web html, CSS & WordPress development
  • SEO expertise
  • Expert in graphic design, including photoshop and adobe illustrator
  • Small team & employee management
  • Large event production
  • Video and audio production and direction
  • Technical capability in all relevant software tools, including excel, Word and others

Killian Strategic, Owner (1994 – Present)
Marketing Communications, Public Affairs, Political Consulting. This is the umbrella for most of the work I’ve done.

Public Affairs
Working for business and government, organizations both big and small, has given me a powerful tool kit to approach each new opportunity with creativity and intelligence.

Premera Blue Cross: Crisis Communications Consultant (May 2015 — Present)
Premera Blue Cross hired me to assist with their crisis communications surrounding a cyberattack and data breach at the company. I helped develop messaging on this issue.

Senior Advisor to the Seattle Mayor (June 2010 — November 2011)
Primary Role: City Council Liaison. Mayor’s Strategic Planning Team, working with press, public and politicians. Involved in all aspects of City Hall. Member Crisis Response Team, with key role in Emergency Operations Center.

Adjunct Professor, Public Affairs, Seattle University (2012-13)
The ability to teach and formalize my experience to Strategic Comm students helped me sharpen my craft.

Wind Works Northwest – Executive Director
Advocacy start-up to help the wind industry navigate permitting process, media & investor relations and public support.

Wallula Energy Resource Center – Public Affairs (2007-2008)
$2 Billion power plant in Walla Walla, WA. I managed media & investor relations and other strategic communications tasks.

Political Campaigns
Political campaigns require intensive communication skills, from marketing to crisis management. It’s a non-stop environment that forces maximum results with minimal resources. I’ve worked on controversial campaigns, winning campaigns and losing campaigns.

Campaign Manager/Lead Consultant: No on Ref. 1, Seattle (2007)
Campaign successful in overturning City Council on controversial night life issue. Final vote was 63-37%.
I created and managed all aspects of campaign. Budget: $850k

Campaign Manager: Mark Sidran, Democratic Candidate for Attorney General (2004)
Lost by 1% after closing gap from 30 points down. Budget: $750k

Campaign Manager: Washington State Initiative 692 (1998)
Second effort to legalize the medical use of marijuana, passed 60-40%. Budget: $1 million

Campaign Manager: Washington State Initiative 685 (1997)
First effort to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Lost 40-60%. Budget: $1.5 million

Campaign Manager: Seattle City Initiative 83: Monorail Recall (2004)
An effort to recall the building of the Seattle Monorail.

Consultant: People’s Waterfront Coalition: Transit & Streets Viaduct Replacement Alternative
Ongoing effort to influence public officials and to educate public on alternatives to waterfront highway.

Advisory Board: Seattle City Initiative 75: Lowest priority for Marijuana Possession (2003)
Effort passed by 58% of Seattle voters.

Marketing, Business & Event Production
I have direct experience working on product advertising, direct marketing and both large and small event production.

Northwest Independent Power Producers Coalition – Marketing & Advertising (2000-2012)
Provided creative development and support for Industry Advocacy Group, including vast array of web development, marketing materials and event production.

Lawrence Kahn Law Group – Marketing, Advertising & Designer (2009)
Created an entire marketing program for law practice, including branding, web and marketing materials. – Executive Director (2005-2007)
This was a non-profit web initiative to include more people in the process of crafting public policy and law. Received significant attention, including an invitation to present the concept at Harvard University. Project now closed. – Owner, Developer (1999-2002) developed to facilitate the quick and easy creation of web sites and eCommerce solutions for bands and musicians. I designed, coded and marketed the entire business. Project closed.

Seattle Study Club – Advertising & Design (1996-2005)
SSC is a global organization that produces events for Dentists and Periodontists. I designed and produced a technical quarterly journal & event and marketing materials. – Developer & Designer (1998-2003)
An entire e-business built to dispatch and manage notaries nationwide. I designed and coded the entire web side, including front-end design and back-end code. Very technical web-based databases and reporting capabilities.

Seattle Tennis Club – Events & Marketing Manager (1994-1995)
Member of the management team, coordinating all membership events & member marketing.

Eddie Bauer – Catalog and Packaging Production Artist (1992-1994)
Design & graphic production of catalogs, packaging and other corporate advertising materials.

Mary Lydia Ryan, Musician – Manager and Producer (1993-2000)
Event production, tour management and CD/Album Production.

Cowabungee Brothers Bungee Jumping – Owner (1992)
Produced bungee jumping events in Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado.

Osmond Family Event Productions – Tour Support & Event Production (1989-1992)
Worked for Alan Osmond and Osmond family on large events, tour support and various projects.

Emergency Essentials – Director of Advertising (1989-1992)
Direct mail company. I designed and produced all catalogs and marketing materials.

Brigham Young University, B.A., Marketing Communications, 1992
Issaquah High School, 1984


  • Commissioner, Sentencing Guidelines Commission, WA State. 2007 to 2012
    Appointed by Gov. Gregoire
  • Conversationally fluent in Spanish
  • Father of two sons
  • Resident of Queen Anne in Seattle
  • Native of the Pacific Northwest, born in Bellevue and  grew up in Issaquah


Marketing Communications

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development & SEO
  • WordPress Design & Development

Public Affairs

  • Government Relations
  • Community Outreach
  • Political Consulting

Crisis Communications


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